Why Pay To Listen To Live Music?


Music On The Vine is 100% committed to LIVE ACOUSTIC MUSIC and bringing you the best of local, indie and national talent. In order to do this, we adhere to the following business model.

  • We Are Not A Bar – Our demographic are people who want to relax and truly enjoy and listen to music. The goal is not to drink to excess or talk above the music. Music On The Vine is an acoustic living room, where artist come to perform and patrons come to listen.
  • We Want To Attract REAL MUSIC FANS – There are tons of places all over town you can catch a singer performing cover songs for free. We’re not knocking it, we love going out to see our friends play. However, it is not our goal to become another one of those venues. You are really attracting the free artist and not the real music fans. So we’re avoiding that business model as much as possible. The local performers we feature are generally the ones who have a good reputation and get paid for their experience and passion and most of all they have a good following and do not perform the same set over and over and over. They know how to vary the set based on how many times they are appearing locally
  • We are scheduling our shows early, usually 6:30-9:30pm. We don’t want late hours to deter anyone from coming out for a show they are interested in.
  • Touring artists and some locally based acts will be ticketed events because they simply can’t happen any other way. Just like the larger concert halls that ask you to pay to listen, we need to adhere to the same principles to be able to bring you top-notch Listening Room Talent. The difference between us and a larger venue. Intimacy. Audience Engagement. Up close with the artist.
  • There Will Always Be A Ticket Charge – Some tickets at the door or online will cost only $5.00 and others will range between $5.00 and $15.00 –  This is help to defray the guarantee we are giving the artists to perform.

This type of business model allows the Listening Room or smaller  music venue to support popular local and touring artist, while also guaranteeing the audience is getting top talent and a true listening room experience.